Thursday, January 8, 2009

Purim Surprise

In 1973 Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack against Israel on Yom Kippur, their highest holy day, so there is precedence for the Muslims to attack Israel during Jewish holidays. The eight days of Hanukkah began at sundown on December 21, 2008. On December 24th, the Negev of southern Israel was hit by more than 60 mortar shells and rockets from Gaza. Though some landed close to schools, no one was injured and it was called to a Hanukkah miracle. The "green light" was given to Israel for a series of operations against the Hamas in the Gaza Strip. On December 27, Israel's "Operation Cast Lead" began. The next major holiday is Purim, which precedes the Feasts of Unleavened Bread, Passover, and First Fruits.

I am going to interlace Esther's history of how Purim became a holiday with Jesus' fulfillment of Passover and First Fruits.
On the first month of Nisan on the 13th day Haman and his buddies cast lots (purim) to find the best day to annihilate the Jews; it fell to Adar 13. Haman requested king Ahasuerus (Xerxes) to have all the Jews in his kingdom killed and their properties confiscated. Letters were written in all the languages and sent out so that on the 13th of the twelfth month of Adar all the Jews would be exterminated. (Esther 3:12-14) [Jesus was anointed for His burial.]
Mordecai relays the plot to Esther who requests three days of fasting before she approaches the king unbidden to appeal for her people and possibly be slain right then. (Esther 4:14-17)

Nisan 14 was the first day of the fast. [Jesus was tried, beaten, crucified, and placed in a tomb on the Feast of Passover.]
Nisan 15 was the second day of the fast.
Nisan 16 was the third day of the fast, and Esther approached the king uninvited, but was accepted by the king who was ready to grant her any request, but she arranged a banquet with Haman. (Es. 5:1-4)
This allowed time for Haman's pride to escalate to his own ruin.
On Nisan 17, Esther held a second banquet with Haman and the king in which Haman's evil plans for Mordecai and the Jews are both turned around for their good and Haman's destruction. (Esther 7-9)
[Jesus rose from the dead on the Feast of First Fruits.]

The original letters could not be revoked, so King Xerxes sent a second dispatch which encouraged the Jews throughout his Persian empire to defend themselves against their enemies on Adar 13. Which they did, and the next day they held great festivities and memorialized it as Purim.

The Persian empire (Iran), and its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, have vocalized their desire to annihilate the Jews, and have lobbed rockets at Israel. This year Adar 13 will be March 9th. So if the Israelis do not take out Iran's nuclear arsenal before then, Iran (Persia) might attack Israel on Purim, March 9, 2009, for a bit of historical payback.

Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you."
Like Esther, We need to petition the King of kings to stop the planned extermination of His people. Bride of Christ, Israel needs your prayers for its peace and protection.

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