Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Repent, America - Day of Prayer

You know of archangels like Gabriel and Michael. Satan also has his archangels, one of which is called “the prince of Persia” whom Gabriel and Michael defeated in order to provide Daniel an answer to his prayers (Daniel 10). Thus we know at least one of Satan's archangels is geographically based. Persia is now called Iran. It was Iran's leader Khomeini who first called America “the Great Satan” in 1979. Later, Iranians called Israel “the little Satan”. Though throughout Christian history, several nations have acknowledged God as their King; recently, it is Israel and the U.S.A. which are most noted for doing so.
I believe the “great eagle” of America fulfilled Revelation 12:14-17, protecting Jews from 1650-2000. Then God's hand of protection left our country. New York City holds the greatest population of Jews outside of Israel, and continues to be in the crosshairs. But all of the United States is open to enemy attack. America is also inviting God's judgment through its national abandonment of Israel and Christianity. It is fitting that our national day of prayer is focused on repentance, for we surely need to do so whether “allowed” by judges or hosted by presidents or not. Before Daniel received his prophetic visions of the Messiah, he repented for the sins of his nation.
“Repent you: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3:2)

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