Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Olympics

The Olympics are a special time for me. Besides being an avid watcher, during the 1984 Olympics I had the honor of leading a worship team in the streets and beaches of Los Angeles and seeing many people come to Jesus. Dear saints had prayed for the people street by street for a year prior to the games, and the police commented that LA had the lowest crime statistics during that Olympics.

This year the Olympics open on July 27, 2012. There has already been an uproar over the 2012 Olympics logo looking too much like the word “ZION”, and I fear there may be something to it. This year, the opening ceremonies occur on the evening prior to the 9th of Av, and similarly in 1942 the Warsaw Ghettos were surrounded by Nazis (see The 9th of Av is when the Babylonians destroyed Solomon's temple in 586 BC, and when the Romans destroyed the second temple in 70 AD. Will something horrible happen to Israel or Israeli participants on July 27-28, 2012?

On September 16, 1970 the king of Jordan expulsed thousands of Palestinians from his country after a failed attempt to overthrow his government, and a group of the terrorists called themselves Black September. In the 1972 Olympics, eight members of Black September took 11 Israeli athletes and coaches captive and killed them.

Holy Father, we thank you for all the security at the 2012 Olympics, and we ask for Your special protection for all those involved. We thank You for the fulfillment of prophecy in reestablishing the nation of Israel and bringing the children of Jacob back to their homeland. We recognize Israel is surrounded by nations who want to destroy them, and ask for Your hedge of protection to surround Your land and Your people. When the time comes, we look to You, King Yeshua to come with Your army to destroy those who attack Israel. Change unbelieving hearts to receive You as Messiah.

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